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Circle Of Time


Circle Of Time ist eine Party- und Eventband mit besonders starken Bühnenpräsenz. Die Band versteht es , Zuhörer durch den internationalen Touch und durch schierer Energie ab dem ersten Song zu fesseln.

An einem typischen Event mit Circle Of Time gibt es alles von aktuellen Hits bis hin zu den bekanntesten Rock Klassikern ,Pop Hymne, Balladen … was das Herz begehrt und die Beine in Bewegung bringt.

Einige Arrangements sind strikt originalgetreu, andere sind eher etwas ambitionierter interpretiert. In jedem Fall bleibt die Mission der Band eine glückliche Audience.

Die Band wurde 2010 gegründet, hat über die Jahre einige wenige Formationen Veränderungen erlebt und ist nach hunderten von Gigs unermüdlich und munter tätig, hauptsächlich in der Regionen Zürich , Zug , Luzern, Bern, St. Gallen aber auch in den Resten der Schweiz, Italien und Deutschland.


Circle Of Time is a party and event band with a stage presence that will captivate most audiences form the first song on with its energy and international feel.

At a Circle of time night you’ll expect anything from today’s chart hits back to the most prominent rock classics, pop anthems… you name it.

Some arrangement are faithfully close to the original, others are interpreted in a more ambitious flavor ; in all cases the mission of the band is a happy crowd.

The band was founded in 2010, has experienced a few changes in members since then and  after literally hundreds of gigs shows as much dedication and passion as ever for its activity; mainly in Switzerland, Germany and Italy.


One of Circle Of Time’s co-founders, Eddie brought his special positive vibe from Mexico around ten years ago into the band. His can-do attitude still is one of the band’s defining traits.

He is Circle Of Time’s lead guitarist, but he does not shy away from also doing lead vocals and rumor has it he is a multi-instrumentalist.


Nobody really can define Dimas style exacly; exuberant and energetic are good approximations. Dimas is a founding Member of the band as well.

He plays the drums, occasionally throws in some vocals and he operates all things technical.

Some say he’s from Guatemala, but we’re not sure about that


Originally from Chile, Karina joined the band a few years ago and made it possible to perform all those nice songs that need a front lady.

Karina is the lead singer of the band and supports whomever sings on male voice tunes masterfully as well . She does not admit that she can also play the bass, but she does.


From Zürich, with an Italian backround, Frederick is the connection between rhythm and melody.

He plays the bass guitar and occasionally does backing vocals. You’ll see him vigorously stomp about the stage, not always on a guitar pedal.